About Us – Visual Composer Part

DSC02569My mother did the right thing. She read to me as a child. And when I insisted she read my favourite books over and over, she never complained. Little did I know, she could recite most of them cover to cover.

Then around the age of eight a friend handed me a Donna Parker book, and I was immediately hooked on amateur detective stories. After Donna Parker came Trixie Belden, the Famous Five, Nancy Drew, The Secret Seven, and of course the pony books that girls usually love to read.

In early high school, my reading took a change of direction when I stumbled across a Lucy Walker novel in the school library. I took one home, devoured it and revisited the library until I’d read every single one. At night, when I should have been studying, I was under the blankets with a torch, reading until all hours of the night, lost in the great romances set in the Australian outback.

Now, I like to read Lee Child, Michael Connelly and Nalini Singh, as well as any romance novel I can lay my hands on.

My own stories are filled with kick arse heroines, former SAS Commanders and undercover cops, usually caught up in a story of blackmail, murder and mayhem. Not only do they fight their adversary, but their growing attraction for each other, while overcoming a set of horrendous obstacles standing in the way of their happy ever after.

I have two children and live in Newcastle, a seaside city on Australia’s eastern seaboard, with my husband, a lawyer. I have worked as a legal secretary, bookkeeper, legal studies teacher, but mostly as a corporate software trainer.