Bindarra Creek Short & Sweet

A collection of short romances set in the best-selling Bindarra Creek world. Nine stories by nine Australian authors that explore life and love in a small, country town.

What’s in a Kiss? © 2018 Linda Charles

Taylah McKenna is looking for someone with money.
It’s New Year’s Eve and anything’s possible. Taylah surprises herself when she makes a proposal to horseman and whip-cracker extraordinaire Billy Briggs.
Problem is Billy’s back in town to pack up his past, and plans to leave, to follow his dreams.

My Forever Valentine © 2018 Sandie James

When one of their own is injured playing rugby league Jolene Lawrence puts her hand up to organise a Valentine’s Ball fundraiser. Then Chat Newland returns home at the same time and the townsfolk of Bindarra Creek decide to play Cupid.
But Jolene has a secret – one that Chat may never forgive.

Pearls & Green Beer © 2018 Susanne Bellamy

Wedding celebrant, Annie Joy, believes love has passed her by, but when Ty Devereaux helps her turn a disastrous wedding into a triumph, and later, steals a kiss, her dream beckons again. Will love and a little leprechaun magic help Ty change his workaholic habits and convince Annie he’s worth taking a chance on?

Full Circle © 2018 Annie Seaton

Five years ago, Cleo Ainslie, fled Bindarra Creek with a broken heart, and is now content with her life.
Or she thinks she is, until two close, but meddlesome friends decide to interfere in her life, when she refuses to go back to Bindarra for the Easter school reunion.
Can Cleo deal with having Jonathon Kendall in her life again?

Date with Destiny © 2018 Erin Moira O’Hara

Bindarra Creek is a treasure-trove of buried secrets, challenges, and new beginnings. Antonia Sullivan is on a high, overjoyed to be celebrating her first Mother’s Day with the daughter she gave up at birth. Then as family and friends gather, a bombshell re-ignites an old feud. It’s a Mother’s Day Spectacular.

A Letter From the Queen © 2018 Lee Christine

Romance is the furthest thing from Bianca Walsh’s mind as she busily prepares for a surprise 100th birthday party for one of Bindarra Creek’s much-loved residents. But when Matt Burberry, the attractive manager of the town’s aged care facility offers to help, the best laid plans begin to go awry.

Love’s Sweet Challenge © 2018 Suzanne Gilchrist

Opal Morse has turned her back on her dreams and is in Bindarra Creek for the inaugural Scavenger Challenge.
When another lonely soul, Grady Flannigan, comes to her aid, the kindness of this gentle farmer re-ignites her fantasies.
She realises she can choose a different life, if only she dares put the past behind her.

The Widow Maker © 2018 Lauren K McKellar

The sun stole from Eleanor—her sheep station, her ex-husband, and her sense of self. Now, with the help of sexy farmhand Daniel, she’s ready to take it all back.
But the fences at Sunway Station aren’t the only things needing mending. Can Daniel piece together Eleanor’s heart, too?

Out of the Blue © 2018 Noelle Clark

Charlie and Dave know exactly what they’re getting for Christmas, and they couldn’t be happier. The town is excited at the prospect of celebrating a wedding, but there doesn’t appear to be one on the agenda. And who could have predicted the effect that two newcomers would have on them?



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